Ibn Al Haytham Pharma equipping Ibn – Roshid Hospital Doctors’ Room

Ibn  Al  Haytham Pharma equipping Ibn – Roshid Hospital Doctors’ Room

Monday, December 20, 2010

Yesterday evening was the opening of a conference doctor’s room in the fifth floor of new hospital , Ibn – Roshid after the completion of maintenance engineering and the supplement of the necessary equipments like computers, projectors, sound equipment, seats and meeting tables, to become fully ready for medical lectures and daily doctors' meetings.

The hall was equipped by Ibn Al Haytham pharma in cooperation with Dr. Hassan El – Tamimi, chairman of scientific committee at Al – Basel center for diseases and heart surgery at Ibn – Roshid hospital.

It's worth mentioning , that The doctors working in hospitals in the health sector in Aleppo are suffering from a shortage in meeting rooms and accommodation , and attendance rooms.

This job was presented by Ibn Al Haytham Pharma as a part of the process of medical and scientific support and for the sake of health action in Syria in terms of providing good drug with appropriate price to patients and strengthening partnership with doctors in keeping up with scientific developments and meeting the needs of scientific and medical researches.

Ibn Al Haytham Pharma is considered to be the most developed company in Syria in terms of sales among all the companies and it has a presence of a professional team leads it to success.