New Product For Obese People

New Product For Obese People

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Obesity is considered as a dangerous factor of many diseases like diabetes Mellitus, hypertension, blood fat disorders and cardiac diseases.

The percentage of obesity cases is highly increased in the Arabic region due to many reasons which are linked to changes in our daily life habits like:

1-The reduction of skeletal efforts due to office jobs, using different transportation in most of our movements.

2-Changes in our alimentary habits like the excess of eating fat foods rich of fats and poor of fibers or which is known as fast foods.

From all mentioned above, Ibn-alhaytham Pharma launched its new product Chitostat in order to help obese people who suffer from high weight getting rid of fats in meals.

Why Chitostat?

Chitostat works effectively and in a silent method without having side effects like the fat feces and Flatulence.


Only two tablets of Chitostat before the main meals and you are going to have a meal without fats.

For more information , please visit our product website: Chitostat Website