Second cardiology Conference – Sharm Alshaikh

Second cardiology Conference – Sharm Alshaikh

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ibn-Alhaytham pharma held its second cardiology conference in the period between 13 – 16 May 2010 at Grand Rotana Resorts, Sharm Alshaikh, Egypt.

This conference is a continuation of Ibn-Alhaytham pharma activities in the cardiology diseases treatment field, as the first cardiology conference was held in May of last year in Lebanon which introduced the VHEST study results about Valsartan product, the study involved 100 physicians and covered more than 1300 patient all over Syria to be the first clinical study in the region.

The main conference subjects were:

1-Angiotensine Receptor blockers and the most important detailed studies about these medicines category, presented by Dr.Hassan Altameemy who resumed that Valsartan had the most number of clinical studies that cover the most number of patients (( about 4300 patient)) versus the other products of this category accompanied by better results.

2-Debate table about hypertension treatment cases, the discussion was held by:

-Dr.Hassan Altameemy (( Director))
-Dr.Mahmoud Alasemi
-Dr.Jameel Qatma
-Dr.Husain Mustafa
-Dr.Abdul Naser Radwan

The team discussed cases in clinics and the many new treatment methods.

Finally, Ibn-Alhaytham Pharma announced the launching of its second clinical study ((REST)) which will be done for Revosyl product ((Perindopril 2,4 mg)) , the study will involve more than 150 physicians and will cover more than 2300 patient to be the largest clinical study in Syria.