Local Study for Osteoarthritis Patients in Syria

Local Study for Osteoarthritis Patients in Syria

Monday, October 25, 2010

In the recent period, the interest of Syrian pharmaceutical companies has been increased toward creating private symposiums or conferences to support knowledge exchange among physicians.

A Conference was held in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt in Cheleopatra hotel for a large group of orthopedists and rheumatologists from Damascus in the period between 25-28 November 2010 sponsored by Ibn Al Haytham Pharma which presented the Glucosamine study results.

The Scientific Program included a lecture about "Bone Grafts" .The lecturer was Dr. Muhei Eldeen Al Khatib ( an Orthopedist).The subject of this lecture was a controversial and interesting one according to many doctors in Syria. The study results clarified that Glucosamine was an effective medication of Arthritis pains with high safety.

The conference lasted with a profitable and enriched panel to discuss Glucosamine study results and the Bone Grafts. The panelist members were Dr. Hytham Ghannam , Dr. Ghassan Kaadan (Orthopedists) and Dr. Lyla Kazkaz ( Chairman of Syrian Joints Society in Syria).