World AIDS Day Symposium

World AIDS Day Symposium

Thursday, January 1, 2015

World AIDS Day is an annual event held on the first of January every year .On this occasion, Health Department in Aleppo represented by Health Director "Dr. Mohammad Hazouri" in cooperation with Ibn Alhaytham Company sponsored a symposium at Ibn Rushd hospital. Many representatives of a lot of official events in Aleppo and a large number of physicians in Health sector attended the event.

In which there was a clarification of AIDS reality generally in Syria and in Aleppo specifically, the ways of infections and prevention methods in addition to the efforts of Health Ministry in dealing with this disease.

Ibn Alhaytham sponsored this symposium being a pharmaceutical Syrian company and considered as a part of the Health Care System in Syria . For this reason, it takes the responsibility toward community to contribute in awareness and shading the light on many diseases especially serious ones like AIDS.