The Launching of Levramax (Levetiracetam) in Aleppo

The Launching of Levramax (Levetiracetam) in Aleppo

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Under the slogan of Ibn Al Haytham Pharmaceutical Industries “Partners in Health “and as an assurance of the partnership with doctors and the keen on to provide the appropriate medicines for better quality of life for patients. The company presented Levramax“the constituent is Levetiracetam“which is a new anti-epileptic drug that it wasn’t available in the Syrian Market.

The company organized an important launching event for Levramax:

on Wednesday 07/03/2012 at Park hotel in Aleppo in cooperation with some neurologists, in which there was a presentation about Levetiracetam which is considered as an important treatment option for epileptic patients after its availability in Syria under Levramax name.

Then, there were important interventions by doctors about seizures type indication of this drug and the importance of its availability in Syria.

This lecture come in the range of launching Levramax drug which is presented by Ibn Al Haytham for the first time in Syria, as an enhancement of its followed scientific field and an emphasis of a continuation partnership with neurologists.