The second Diabetes Mellitus Symposium in Damascus

The second Diabetes Mellitus Symposium in Damascus

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A second diabetes mellitus symposium presented by Ibn Al Haytham Pharmaceutical Industries under the title " DPP4 – Inhibitors , Five Years of an International Experience " was held at Yaafour resort in Damascus . It came in the range of the scientific activities series sponsored by the company in Syria .

The symposium included four lectures as the following :

- " Management of T2DM " by Dr. Nabil Isseh .

- " Adding an Incretin-Based Therapy Early in T2DM Treatment Evaluating Options Using Guidelines " by Dr. Najat Sniej .

- " DPP4 , Treatment with Sitagliptin " by Dr. Abdallah Dlewaty .
- " Sitacretin Plus " by Dr. Noman Dormosh .

After that , there was a discussion table in cooperation with Dr. Najat Sniej , Dr. Abdallah Dlewaty and Dr. Sameer Ewies to answer the attendance questions .

Many endocrinologists and internists from Damascus attended the symposium in which answers were given for inquiries about the usage of DPP4 inhibitors . The doctors also highlighted its importance in the treatment of diabetes mellitus , more than that its additional merits such as preventing hypoglycemia , alleviating patient’s weight in addition to new studies explaining its efficacy concerning cardiovascular system .