The Launching of ProQitara Product in Damascus

The Launching of ProQitara Product in Damascus

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On the occasion of launching ProQitara Product " Pregabalin " , Ibn Al Haytham Pharmaceutical Industries presented a lecture titled : " Neuropathic pain, How to control " on Wednesday 26/10/2011 at FourSeasons hotel in Damascus . Many neurologist, orthopedists and endocrinologists from Damascus attended the lecture .

The lecturer was Dr. Mohammed Shehadeh Agha " a professor at the faculty of medicine in Damascus university " in which he talked about pain in general and Neuropathic pain in specific . He also clarified the possible treatment options of Neuropathic pain through adopting the global recommendations and practical experiences .After that , the senior product manager , Dr. Mayada Habib presented a show about Syrian medical market trends in the treatment of Neuropathic pain and the characteristics of ProQitara " Pregabalin " that make it the first appropriate anticonvulsant drug in curing neuropathic pain. Then , they had a detailed discussion with some questions and shared experiences among audience about the treatment of neuropathic pain, the possible treatment combinations and pregabalin merits.

The lecture was concluded with a dinner on guitar rhythm in cooperation with a young guitarists squad .

This lecture is regarded as an introduction to many future lectures and scientific activities that the company intends to present for launching ProQitara , as a step to enhance its scientific march and assuring partnership with doctors in addition to the intention of ensuring the mutual profit for both sides .