Honorary Meeting for Gynecologists in Damascus

Honorary Meeting for Gynecologists in Damascus

Monday, October 10, 2011

Under the slogan " With You , There is a Value of Success " Ibn Al Haytham pharmaceutical Industries had a honorary meeting for gynecologists . Dr. Yousef Asaad " chief of medical association " with many gynecologists from Damascus attended that meeting in recognition of their trust , cooperation and strengthening partnership between both sides . The meeting was on Monday 10/10/2011 at Barada club in Damascus .

The announcement of launching the new packaging of Lactisyr was during that celebration .

There were a lot of activities during that meeting in which many doctors had a part in talking about Ibn Al Haytham Company and the new packaging of Lactisyr which is a vaginal solution contains a lactic acid base . This characteristic makes it appropriate as a daily protective wash which helps maintaining the natural protective devices .

In recognition of gynecologists march , Ibn Al Haytham Pharmaceutical Industries honored many of them who have retired for this year " 2011" . Dr. Yousef Assad " chief of medical association in Damascus " gave the honorary shields , and he was also honored by the company .

This celebration comes in the range of the varied activities and lectures that the company held for gynecologist who are regarded as the real important partners at Ibn Al Haytham Pharma and who trust its pharmaceutical products .

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