Omecarbonate Lecture at Carlton Hotel in Aleppo

Omecarbonate Lecture at Carlton Hotel in Aleppo

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In completion of launching OMECARBONATE product, Ibn Al Haytham pharmaceutical industries presented two lectures for two days on 11 October 2011 at Carlton Hotel in Aleppo. The first lecture was titled" NSAIDs Complications – Prevention, role of OMECARBONATE” and the second one was named "GERD and Nocturnal Acid Breakthrough, role of Omecarbonate ". The attendance were more than 250 doctors during that period.

The lecturer was Dr. Dirar Abood " a Gastrologist and the Head of Liver Diseases Department at Zahi Azrak Hospital " in which he highlighted the important usage of Proton Pump Inhibitors to get rid of side effects after the chronic usage of NSAIDs . He also concentrated on the importance of GERD treatment and taking into consideration the Acidity rush problem which many GERD Patients are suffering from . After that , the product manager , Dr. Mazen Sabouni delivered his lecture where he talked about the importance of Omeprazole and Omecarbonate in reducing the excessive acidity , GERD and peptic ulcers treatment . He also discussed their merits in comparison with other products in Market.

It's worth mentioning that , Ibn Al Haytham pharmaceutical industries is considered to be the fastest growing company in terms of sales and its distinction comes from presenting high quality drugs in the Pharmaceutical Syrian Market .