Fenogesic : " New Form of A Well-Established Drug "

 Fenogesic :  " New Form of A Well-Established Drug "

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ibn-Al Haytham Pharma presented a Scientific lecture titled " Fenogesic: New Form of a Well-Established Drug " in Al Swaidaa City . A large group of doctors from different specialties attended the lecture .

The speaker Ph. Issam Al Khatib, the product manager of Fenogesic, introduced the new product, and highlighted the importance of the new combination between the pharmaceutical form "The effervescent Granules " and the pain reliever "Ibuprofen". The lecture was followed by a discussion and some of doctors' questions about the new drug .

Ibn-Alhaytham Pharma launched Fenogesic in Syria on February 2011 . The active ingredient of Fenogesic is "Ibuprofen", presented as effervescent granules. This formulation accelerates drug absorption, compared to traditional forms (Film Coated Tablets) to give an effective and quick pain relief with the least local side effects on stomach .

It's worth mentioning that Ibn Al Haytham Pharma introduced a wide range of drugs in 2011, in an attempt to help doctors , pharmacists and patients to ameliorate their quality of life.