The Syrian German Conference of Orthopedic Surgery

The Syrian German Conference of Orthopedic Surgery

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ibn Al Haytham Pharma Keen on applying its partnership strategy which is called 4PS who are:
4.People (Ibn Al Haytham Staff).

The company considers these four elements as contributors of its last achievements and the future ones.

In order to achieve this strategy, The Company seeks for having a good share in conferences sponsorship, pharmaceutical and medical symposiums that enhance the national medical experts’ knowledgement about medical information.

Ibn Al Haytham Pharma had a distinctive contribution in the spring symposium of Syrian Orthopedic Association (SOA) and the fifth Syrian-German medical conference which was held in Homs in the period between 15 and 17 April 2009 in which there were enriched meetings and important lectures about orthopedic and rheumatic diseases over three days.

Ibn Al Haytham Pharma contribution was not only organizing pharmaceutical exhibitions but also presenting new pharmaceutical products that are used in orthopedic diseases like Glucosamine TS which is used in rheumatic diseases in addition to Artrofen Gel which is rapid absorbable by skin and a strong pain reliever of orthopedic pains.

Ibn Al Haytham pharma is considered to be one of the companies which effectively contribute in supporting and developing the Syrian medical market growth through adopting a significant target which is “ achieving better health for the community, in addition to helping doctors and pharmacists to help people in order to live and work in a better way “.

This leads the company to concentrate on the concept of partnership which is the source of its excellence among the other companies as a pharmaceutical company interested in producing the appropriate medication for citizen in terms of the highest Quality Control system standards. It also considers itself as a participant in improving citizen health situation through providing an effective medication in addition to raising the health conscious by sponsoring appropriate activities and publications of his / her situation .It regards this social role as a part of the company duty towards community.

Ibn Al Haytham pharma always seeks to be an effective partner of the citizen, doctor, and pharmacist, and an important factor of a vital industry regarding the health security of society in which the company considers preserving it a national and strategic duty.