New Drug for Diabetes Mellitus Treatment in Syria (Aleppo)

New Drug for Diabetes Mellitus Treatment in Syria (Aleppo)

Monday, August 2, 2010

A lecture for endocrinologists and cardiologists was held on 2 August 2010 at Sheraton hotel in Aleppo to announce the availability of a new drug for Diabetes Mellitus treatment called Sitagliptin (Sitacretin).

The lecturer was Dr. Saleem Jambart, chairman of endocrinology and metabolism department at French Hotel Dieu Hospital in Lebanon – Beirut, and Dr. Nizar Al Bash, chairman of Syrian Endocrine Society. The lecture was sponsored by Ibn Al Haytham pharma.

It’s worth mentioning that Syria is one of the Arab countries in which Diabetes Mellitus is increasing continuously and the treatment of this disease is very expensive for both citizen and Health Ministry.

Sitagliptin drug will add new merits for Diabetes Mellitus Patients such as preventing hypoglycemia and alleviating patient’s weight in addition to regenerating Beta cells.

Ibn Al Haytham pharma is regarded as the most developed company in Syria among all of the companies in terms of sales. Sitagliptin is considered to be a new beginning of Ibn Al Haytham pharma in anti diabetic sector.