The Fourth Cardiac Conference of Ibn Al Haytham Pharma

The Fourth Cardiac Conference of Ibn Al Haytham Pharma

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ibn Al Haytham pharma held its fourth cardiac conference at Kiban Taksim hotel, in the middle of Istanbul Turkish city, in the period between 31 March and 4 April 2011.

The conference events included two sections:
The first one contained a review of the results of REST study that investigated Revosyl drug. It included 1959 Patients who were subjected to Revosyl treatment by 141 Doctors from all over Syria. Dr.Waleed Bsata also tackled the clinical and statistical results of the largest study in Syria that showed an excellent efficacy of Revosyl in controlling hypertension estimated by 88.4% of patients, with excellent tolerability in 81% of patients. The results of this study were similar to international studies on Perindopril drug. This section also included a review of the international PERTINENT study results on Perindopril drug by Dr. Yamen Shehadeh from Ibn Al Haytham staff.

The second section of the scientific conference was about the launching of Lipostatin drug (Atorvastatin Calcium) Where Dr. Jameel Khabaz talked about the role of Statins in cardiovascular continuum in addition to their essential role in reducing Cholesterol. This section also included a survey of the new international recommendations in treating Dyslipidemia by Dr. Ahmad Kahwateya. It was concluded by Dr. Mazen Sabouni’s lecture about the international experience of the treatment by Atorvastatin.

The conference was ended with a debate table managed by Dr. Waleed Bsata; the participants were Dr. Taher Farfouti, Dr. Jameel Khabaz and Dr. Omar Ghandour. It was enriched by many enquiries and interventions of doctors.

The conference also included many tourist and recreational activities containing a tour to the old Istanbul city, the capital of east and west, a voyage to Borsah mountain city, in addition to attending a heritage concert of Mawlawy Turkish band.