The Launching of Anti Platelets Aggregation " Prassuclear " in UAE

The Launching of  Anti Platelets Aggregation   " Prassuclear  " in UAE

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ibn - Alhaytham Pharma held symposiums for launching an anti platelets aggregation called Prassuclear " Prasugrel " in Dubai , UAE. The latest anti platelets aggregation.

Fifty cardiologists attended the meeting from all over Syria.

The conference lasted for three days interspersed with a whole day of a Scientific Program included four important lectures,thereafter a discussion table as follows :

Lectures about :
• Path physiologic of platelets aggregation by " Dr. Hassan El-Tamimi ".
• The resistance of anti platelets aggregation by " Dr. Hussien Ali Moustafa " .
• Prasugrel by "Dr. Khaled Bittar " .
• Summary and Conclusion by "Dr. Hassan El- Tamimi ".

After this , the doctors had launch , then they continued the Scientific session with a discussion table about " using of anti platelets aggregation in percutaneous coronary intervention" . Dr. Hassan El-Tamimi managed it with Dr.Abd El-Nasser Radwan , and Dr.Elias Barakat.Dr. Yaseen Bani Marjeh,and Dr. Mahmoud Mardenly were members of the discussion table .

It's worth mentioning,that Ibn– Alhaytham pharma is the first company which registers and launches this drug in the Syrian Market with a Low Price only after two years from its spreading worldwide .

This Scoop is a confirmation of the concept of partnership with doctors and patients in the company .